June Favorites

Hello, everyone 🙂 I hope you’re all having a nice day today. Here is just a quick run-down of all of my makeup-related favorites from the month of June. I had alot of things that I wanted to put in here, but I ended up just leaving it to the things that I used throughout the whole month of June. I’m a few days early, usually people do these on the first of the next month… oh well.

  L to R: realTechniques stippling brush, Sigma F80, realTechniques blush brush
   A few brush favorites this month. Oddly enough, I’ve been using the stippling brush for my moisturizer instead of foundation because the moisturizer that I use is so thick and hard to deal with. But anyway, I’ve used this brush for cream blushes, foundations, and even powder highlighter, and it still made it to the favorites list 😉
     I’ve been using the Sigma F80 with my foundation, (Neutrogena healthy skin) and I adore it. It’s nice and dense, but super soft and by far my favorite brush for foundation.
  And then obviously, the blush brush is for blush (say that three times fast…) and it’s just soft and perfect and lovely 🙂
 excuse the dirty palette.. hard to keep this one clean!
 As for eyeshadow favorites, I’ve only been using the Naked palette from Urban Decay. I know that everyone already knows everything about this palette, so I’ll keep this short. I hit pan on the color “sin” this month, and I’ll definately have to look into buying it in a single eyeshadow form sometime soon when it runs out completely.
L to R: Rimmel 070 Airy Fairy, Revlon 013 (matte) Smoked Peach, L’oreal 800 Fairest Nude
swatches same order as above

  Quick lipstick favorites 🙂 I’ve switched between these three all month and like them alot. The swatches are looking a bit purple-y, I’m not sure why. Anyway… Airy Fairy is my favoite pink, Smoked peach is my favorite orange, and Fairest Nude is my favorite nude 🙂 simple enough?
 Peony (the pink) and Sunset Peach (orange) are the two glosses I pair with the lipsticks most often. I’ll use Peony if I’m going for a more pink look, and Sunset Peach if I’m going for nude or, of course, orange. These are really lovely, not sticky at all and don’t have a gross smell or taste to them.

Randoms: LORAC eye primer, which I’m almost out of. My favorite primer, I like it much better than UD’s primer potion. I can litterally sleep in my eye makeup, and wake up the next day with all of my eyeshadow and eyeliner still perfect. Lastly, I’ve been using gel eyeliner every day, and I always use my Maybelline one (the “Brown” shade) over my Bobbi Brown one.
FINALLY 🙂  Nailpolish favorites. First, the new revlon colorstay top coat, (which has a nice little red tint to it becuase I continue to put it on too early) which I really, really like. Best topcoat I’ve tried. Secondly, Sally Hansen “disco ball” lives up to it’s name. I like SH glitter polishes alot. They actually come out looking like you would expect them to, lots of glitter and all 🙂 Lastly, Essie’s Fiji, which is my favorite nailpolish color. Its horrible and streaky and thick but I love it anyway.

 Yay! 🙂 thats the end of this rediculously long post. Thank you for reading! I hope you found some new things to try. I think next time, I’m going to try to cram everything into one picture and then label and review accordingly, because this turned out to be way longer than I had hoped!
Heather Lauren

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