Ulta Haul!

  Did a little shopping today 😉 Ok, actually, I did a lot of shopping today. My makeup fund is officially drained! I only started shopping high-end makeup in the last year or so, so this was my first time re-purchasing some of my favorite things that I’ve used up. It’s comforting to spend money on things that I already know I love!

Clockwise from top left-

O.P.I Sweet Heart- I picked this up as a dupe for Essie’s Fiji, in hopes of getting similar color without the… Essie.

NYX blush in Peach- Allison mentioned this in her June favorites video. I don’t have a matte pink blush, and NYX is cheap… so now I own it!

Benefit Erase Paste- My first high-end concealer, I’ve heard both really great and really bad things about it, but I still wanted to try it. They had a mini pot of it up by the register and I thought I’d give it a go 🙂 Sadly, I got the color “Medium” which is slightly too dark for my skin tone, so I’m going to swap it for the light shade soon.

LORAC Behind The Scenes eye primer- I wrote a little bit about this in my June favorites post, so I won’t be repetitive, but its just lovely ❤

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in “yogurt-” I’ve seen this everywhere and, again, wanted to try it. I was really, really excited to see it in person because it’s almost an exact dupe for Urban Decay’s “Sin” eyeshadow… which I adore..

Urban Decay single eye shadow in “Sin-” This is my “backup” of the one that came in the Naked palette. I won’t be running out of the other one for probably another few weeks, but I had some “makeup money” saved, and that never lasts very long. 😉

  The only things left on my “Wish list” now are the NARS douceur blush and some little things from Lush.  🙂 Easy enough, right?

  Has anyone tried any of these things? Opinions? 🙂

Heather Lauren

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