De-potting eye primer…

 Not a very glamorous post, but I thought this was so cool!!
   So today I went into Sally’s in search of little plastic pots that I could de-pot my old eye primer into. (I found a package of ten of them for about $6 in the nail polish/ nail art section, if anyone is wondering.) They weren’t exactly MAC-fluidline-pot-quality, (i.e- they squeaked really horrifically when I unscrewed the lid off the first few times) but they were a really good size… and cheap as dirt! Technically… they were only about 60 cents each… atleast… that’s what I told myself.
  But on to the really cool part! 🙂 I de-potted my eye primer and I was shocked at how much product was left in it. I haven’t ever de-potted anything before. This was my first “high-end” product that I’ve used up, and of course it was really valuable to me because it’s just so expensive. I have seen people cut open other things before, (UD primer potions being the biggest offender; the old packaging was so hard to get into) so I knew it was a good idea to atleast attempt cutting it open.

So this is how I did it, I just cut it up into sections, and then cut the rings open into strips, (does that make sense..?) and scraped the product out. It was really messy.. but really fun, actually. 🙂

 I was shocked at how much I actually got out of it.. I filled up one of the little pots! I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂 the rest of the tube lasted me a year, so this is atleast six months of product left… (Shouldn’t have already gotten a new backup!)

  Anyway, this isn’t the most exciting thing ever for most people, I’m sure. But I was excited, and I figured it was worth sharing.

Thanks for reading 🙂 has anyone ever done this before? If you try it, let me know how it goes.

Heather Lauren

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