Single Eyelashes

   Recently, I picked up some single false eyelashes to try out and (hopefully) wear on a date soon. 😉 Today, I tried them and I’m just wearing some to the movies. They look really natural, and I like them a lot.

  I got the Ardell “Dura Lash Naturals.” I definitely had a hard time with them today. The glue that I used is to blame, it was just a free little tube that came with a different lash set that I got a while ago.
  I was originally looking for the Ardell half-lashes, which I’ve heard great things about. These were really cheap at Sally’s, though, and looked really natural and easy to use. I had never tried the single lashes before, Just the ones that all come on a band. 

  This package came with one row of short lashes, two rows of medium, and one row of long ones. (The short ones were longer than my real lashes… but I guess that’s the point, right??) I’ll end up cutting down the “long” length ones because they’ll just never look normal on me!
   All the eyelashes were brown, which I thought was interesting, because I don’t like jet black mascara and eyelashes. They also matched my natural lashes really well, which I liked.
  Long story short, I’m going to try and find some new lash glue and try these again. Does anyone have opinions on good lash glue? And does anyone know where to find the Ardell half lashes?? 🙂

Heather Lauren

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