Ombre Nails

   Yesterday, I tried out the ombre nails trend, and I thought it was really interesting. It definitely turned out differently than I thought it was going to. I was surprised at how sheer the colors were when I put them on this way because they are very opaque polishes. I used “Sweet Heart” from O.P.I as a thin base coat. I put it on too thin, and left it streaky in some places because I really thought it wouldn’t matter. Now, however, I would definitely have gone back and done a second coat because you can see through the ombre colors and tell where it’s streaky. 😦
    As for the “ombre” part, I used “Charismatic” by Revlon and “Cozu-melted in the sun” by O.P.I. “Charismatic” is a frosty creamsicle color, and “Cozu-melted in the sun” is a medium pink with lots of silver and pink shimmer. I put Charismatic on the top of my nail, and Cozu-melted in the sun on the bottom. If I used colors like this again, I would have put the lighter color towards my cuticle instead, because it looks sort of “bleeding cuticles” to me… sorry for the imagery…

 The makeup sponge I used. I could probably get four more uses out of this sponge! This is really cheap to do 🙂

 Has anyone had success with ombre nails? I’m going to try navy and teal next time and try to get some better (read: easier to see) results! 🙂
Heather Lauren 

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