Wish List & What’s New

Hello everyone! 🙂
I’ve been on more of a saving kick recently, but I started compiling a list on Pinterest of things I want to save up for. I decided I’m going to treat myself to something for the wonderful start of school (read: I’m going to save up until I can afford any of this, and then buy it two months into school.)  🙂 Oh well.

*swoon* 🙂

Clockwise from top left:
1. Essie’s “Pennytalk”– Saw this on several other blogs and things like that, and swatched it on my nail two days ago… and I still have the swatch on… needless to say, I really like the color. It looks really rose gold and I love it! 🙂
2. NARS Douceur Blush– In certain swatches I’ve seen of this, it looks like that perfect “half bronzer- half blush” color, and I really want to see it for myself. Next time I’m in a Sephora I’m going to have to ask if I can test it because it just looks gorgeous.
3. Miss Dior Cherie– ❤ Sammy Has mentioned this several times in her blog and on her youtube channel. I smelled it recently in Ulta and really liked it. Thank you Sammy!!
4. Rebecca Minkoff “Mini Mac” – These are so expensive.. but a girl can dream, right? This is my favorite color that I’ve seen. (Again with the rose gold!!)
*Links are to picture sources, not links to the items online.
  Just a quick little list. I think I’m going to get the polish and the blush sometime this month, and then ask for the perfume for my birthday. The bag just isn’t gonna happen. 🙂
 And for your enjoyment:

 This was my view the other night when I went to see a local play. Great, right? 🙂

As for a quick update, I haven’t been up to much lately. I haven’t worn anything near exciting or interesting the last few days, and I’ve been taking as many naps as possible! It seems like I just have so much to do all of a sudden. But, hey, atleast I found time to blog, right? 🙂

Heather Lauren

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