Everyday Jewelry

  Hello! 🙂
Today I thought I’d show the jewelry that I wear everyday. It’s a rare day if I’m not wearing these two rings and my bracelet. I don’t have a specific necklace or earrings that I wear everyday. When I do wear other jewelry, I usually choose to wear earrings or a necklace, not usually both. And I like to wear gold necklaces/earrings most of the time. (Fake gold, of course. Most of it is costume jewelry from either Forever 21 or Kohls… I love Lauren Conrad’s line from Kohls.)

First of all, this is a ring that I wear on my thumb. It came from a local shop, and my friend got it for me for Christmas two years ago. I’ve pretty much worn it ever since.. I feel off-balance without it! The engraving says “Receiving God’s blessings from Heaven above, because we are part of the circle of love.” I really think it’s a cute phrase and I love how it wraps around the band. This one I wear on my right thumb. 
This is my most recent jewelry purchase, I got it from Kohls. (Kohls always has a huge selection of sterling silver jewelry, and I’ve never seen it not discounted.. This ring was somewhere around 50% off!) I wanted a “knuckle ring,” so I just went searching for a simple ring in a really small size! 🙂 This one is a size 5, I think. I’ve had this one for about a month now, and I really love wearing it. I haven’t had problems with it falling off, even when I wash my hands and things like that. I always wear this one on my left index finger.

 * nailpolish is L’oreal “Club Prive.”

And, finally, this is my oldest (and most loved) piece. It’s a Brighton charm bracelet that my boyfriend buys me charms for. He got me this for my birthday two years ago; it’s just a few months older than my engraved ring. The letters are our initials, and the other two charms are a heart with “love” engraved on the back, and a key. I love to wear it and I really feel off without it. I always wear it on my right wrist.

Do you wear anything day after day? 🙂 Let me know!
Heather Lauren

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