Fixing broken blush + NOTD

  Ok, so I promise this blog isn’t just about saving makeup! 🙂 I know I already did a post about how I “saved” an eyeshadow primer! I promise this is the last of my makeup that needed to be “fixed.”
  But anyway- this is a blush that I really love and I shattered it while traveling. (I had another one of the blushes from this line back in middle school, and it shattered, too. I guess the product is just really thin and spread out over a bigger area, so these break really easily… just FYI!) I found it in the back of my makeup drawer this morning, and decided I wanted to take the few minutes and fix it up.

 The shade is “innocent flush.” It looks really peachy in the pan, but on my skin it translates into a perfect light, shimmery pink. I haven’t found another color like this one!
(After this picture was taken, I went in and smoothed it down a little more with my finger so the edges don’t crumble when I use a brush!)

The swatch doesn’t really show up, because it is really light. It is noticible on my skin, though. All I did was add four drops of the alcohol, crush up the powder a bit more, and then smooth it down into the pan with a spoon. It only took a few minutes, and it saved me from buying another one of these blushes! 🙂 (I think they run somewhere around $8 or $10… which is a nice amount of money to save!)

   O.P.I “Sweetheart”

  I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so no makeup or outfit posts for a few days! (I don’t need any “chipmunk” pictures of myself floating around the internet!)  I’ve had so much downtime because of it lately, so that explains the random desire to dig through my makeup collection and fix a blush… and freshly painted nails! 🙂 I’m going to start working on my “Looks with the Naked Palette” post- and I’m in the market to find a cheap, full-length mirror so I can start doing easier (and hopefully more flattering!!) Outfit of the day posts. I want to do a “Back to school” lookbook within the next few weeks, too, so keep a lookout for that.

  Thank you so much for the views and comments over the past few weeks! 🙂 Blogging has been really fun for me so far, and I’ve been really excited about all the feedback you’ve given me.

Heather Lauren

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