Baby Drugstore Haul

    I’ve been running out of pressed powder, and I’ve been dying to try one of the drugstore BB creams for a week or so now, so I joined my mom on a recent grocery trip and picked up a few things. I wanted to use everything a few times before I wrote about it, but so far I’ve really enjoyed what I purchased and I thought I’d go ahead and share!
   First of all, I got the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream, on Ingrid‘s recommendation. She describes her skin type as similar to mine, and I really trust her opinion. I wore it both yesterday and today, and I really like it. It looks really natural on my skin, but it also does a great job of making my skin look really even. It takes all the redness out of any little spots that I have, and with a little concealer, the result is really nice. The shade doesn’t look too pink or too yellow- it’s really neutral and I think it would match a lot of people. A+ for this one!
  Secondly, I saw the Sally Hansen nail polish in “Petal Pusher,” which is just another of those baby pink/neutral colors. I got home and compared it to the other similar colors that I own and decided that I am no longer allowed to buy colors like this. Good grief. It was a really nice polish, though. It was opaque in two coats on most of my nails, and it dried pretty fast.
  Finally, I bought Rimmel Stay Matte powder- I knew I needed another pressed powder, and I went to look for the cheapest option at the drugstore. This one was the cheapest that I found by $3, and I really like it. I want to experiment with using it as a powder foundation, because it impressed me with how pigmented it is. It’s also huge! I guess it really isn’t, but compared to my last powder (one of the Neutrogena ones, I can’t remember which) it’s about 1/3 bigger. I think this one is pretty popular, so let me know what you think if you’ve tried it! 
Well, that’s it for this little shopping trip. I’ve got my eye on some NARS products, so I’m hoping to do a little more shopping before school starts! 🙂
Heather Lauren 

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