School Emergency Kit/ Makeup Bag

  Sadly, it’s back to school time. 😦  But that also means that it’s time to organize all of the things that I want to take with me to school! Today, I packed up my little “emergency kit” to put in my locker, and I hope that it helps you remember something you might want to bring along to make school just a little bit.. better.

Not super exciting to start off with- but I thought I’d show the bag I’m using. This was gifted to me from a friend last year on my birthday. I like to bring this one to school to carry random things because the strap is really helpful- I always hang it from the top of my locker on the hooks. This is just easy for me, because It stays up top where nothing in it (think “powder products”) can get crushed or squished.

 Quick peek inside 🙂

  First of all, the boring stuff. I keep a spare deodorant, a nail file, mints, and gum around at all times! (I threw the lollipop in there in case I need a pick-me-up sometime.) I figured all of this stuff is self-explanatory. But I do want to add that those Sally Hansen nail files are amazing.. just a random bit of knowledge for you.

  Now for the fun stuff! 🙂 First of all, I like to have lotion around. I have really dry cuticles, so lotion is a must-have. The lotion is the “Bali Mango” scent from Bath and Body Works. Next, a mini hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. These are so cheap and small and great to have around. I have the “Japanese Cherry Blossom” scent. Finally, I keep two scents in this bag- a mini roller ball of Beyonce’s Heat perfume, and a mini Clinique Happy. These are both minis that my mom didn’t like and let me have, so I keep them around just in case!

  Next are the things that I use to touch up my eye makeup. I bought that blue container for Q-tips at Target for a dollar, and I refill it and take it with me everywhere. I am forever using Q-tips to clean up my eyeliner and random smudges. I like this little single eyeshadow from Clinique (also a hand-me-down from mom!) to touch up my inner-corner and brow bone highlights. This color is “Sugar Sugar-” a sheer white. Next is my “Shimmering Sands” trio from CoverGirl. These shadows are really pigmented and beautiful, and they work really well for general eyeshadow touch-ups. Finally, a grey eyeliner, (“Hurricane Grey” from Rimmel) a mini flat eyeshadow brush from Bare Escentuals, and a blending brush from e.l.f finish off my list of eye-makeup emergency items! I just use these to touch up my eyeliner and eyeshadow.

   A close up of what the brushes look like- really simple brushes.

  Hair emergency kit: bobbi pins, (tied up with a baby elastic so they don’t wander away) a butterfly clip, and a hair tie. I need to add a mini dry shampoo to this list for those “just in case” days, but I don’t have one right now.

  To touch up my face makeup, I keep the usual blotting sheets and powder, but I also threw in a little pot that I filled up with moisturizer. A little bit of moisturizer helps out to get rid of that “cakey” look, and I think it’s easier to take a little pot of it than one of those face setting sprays. I keep a stick concealer with me- this one is from CoverGirl. I think my concealer is one of the fastest things to wear off my face, so this is a must-have for me. I also put in a small blush- “Breathless Berry” from Clinique. A mini fluffy brush from Bare Escentuals is the last brush that I keep with me, to use with my powder and blush.

Almost done! For lip products, I keep a lipgloss, a stain, and a balm with me at all times. The gloss is from Victoria’s secret, the stain is the berry Nivea balm, and finally, I keep chapstick with me at all times (the wrapping came off this one…)

Goodness! That was a really long post. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if there’s anything I forgot (although, I’m not sure what else I could ever need. Maybe a few dollars for the vending machine?) or tell me about what you bring!

Heather Lauren

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