"Cream" nails of the day

  Today has been such a lazy day! I got to sleep in and didn’t wash my face until lunchtime. I don’t have a spot of makeup on today, and I am currently on the back porch drinking a new kind of tea. (It’s blueberry.. Kind of tastes like blueberry morning cereal, if anyone is familiar with that..) Its a perfect 80 degrees out today, and I won’t be going inside until I have to go to bed. 🙂

  Excuse my edges- I did say it’s a lazy day, right? Usually, I go around the edges with an eyeliner brush dipped in makeup remover and clean it up. (Much more accurate than Q-tips!) That didn’t really happen today..
  I started off with one coat of “White on” by Sally Hansen, which I kind of “rediscovered” in my makeup collection and really like. It was opaque in one coat, and I really was pleased with it. I added two coats of “Social Ladder” by Sinful Colors on top of it, which is a sheer, shimmery white with the slightest pink tint. My nails ended up a light, shimmery cream color and I really liked how they turned out. 🙂  (just not the edges…)
  But anyway, what are you up to today? I’m so excited to have a lazy Saturday. I started school this week, so I really appreciated a day to sleep in.  Hope you’re doing well!

Heather Lauren

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