"Shopping my stash-" Fall Makeup

  I’ve been getting so excited for fall lately. The “Fashion” board on my Pinterest is full of scarves, boots, cardigans, and topknots. 🙂 I had a little romp through my makeup lately, hoping to find some new things to get myself out of a “rut,” and realized that everything I was picking out and hoping to use was either berry or some shade of fall brown. Go figure. 🙂
   Here are the things I picked 🙂

  For eyeshadows, I picked out some well-loved, not-so-well-used favorites. First is Covergirl’s “Mink-” which is just a light, shimmery brown. It’s not quite bronze, and I think it has kind of that “rose gold” tint to it. It’s not really a yellow toned brown… but a rose gold brown… making any sense? Hows that for a color description? 😉 Sooo professional.
  Next, is one of the Color Tattoo shadows from Maybelline in “Bad to the Bronze.” I wear this as a base when I wear “Mink.” They’re really close in color, and I really like them together. I don’t think that it’s really a bronze- there aren’t noticeable golden/yellow tones to it. I’m not even going to say rose-gold again. I’m just embarrassing myself. 🙂
  Lastly, “Tapestry Taupe,” also from Covergirl. I think this is one of Covergirl’s more popular colors- I hear a lot about it. I’ve heard that it’s comparable to MAC’s Satin Taupe, for starters. It looks like a cool grey/brown, and I really like it as a fall/winter color.

  Three random things: First of all, I really like this eyeliner “Tiger’s Eye” from Rimmel. I didn’t bother showing the packaging because it’s just a little eyeliner stub, and all the writing rubbed off. Well loved! It’s just a super soft bronze eyeliner. Again, no yellow/gold undertones, this bronze has orange/copper undertones. If you’ve noticed a pattern, that’s because yellow-toned things don’t look good on my eyes.. not entirely sure why..
  Lastly are two lip products, both really pigmented and a little bit brighter in color. First, Revlon’s “Papaya” is just a straight coral gloss. I really like this line of lip glosses, and with this one, you really get the color on your lips that you see in the tube.
  I’m not really sure what to call this little “lip shimmer” from Burt’s Bees… It’s pretty much a really creamy, glossy, pigmented lipstick… in a chapstick tube…? But anyway, it’s really pretty (swatch below) and I wore it a few days ago. It’s a berry shade that goes more on the red side.

   This is more of a combo than two individual products.. but I’ve been wearing both of these as blush this past week, and I love them! Both of these are super cheap products.. less than $3 each, I think, and they’re huge! Obviously, these pictures are zoomed in, but you get a lot of product. On the left is “Heather Silk” from Wet n Wild, and on the right is “Sunny” bronzer from NYC. Heather Silk is a matte, pink berry color. (It has my name on it!) Sunny is a matte bronzer, and I’ve been wearing it as a blush. I layer these two together, (just FYI, the blush is insanely pigmented, and it takes a lot of work sometimes to get the bronzer to show up.) and I really like the outcome. It doesn’t look overly “sunkissed” or “summery” because of the berry tones and the matte colors, and it looks really appropriate for fall.


I’ve been putting together some different looks with these, and maybe I’ll pick one or two of my favorite looks and put them up for observing 🙂 so keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading!

Heather Lauren

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