Makeup of the… Weekend?

     I spent the night at a friend’s house this weekend, and while I was packing my makeup, I decided that I wanted to pack as much makeup as possible into the most normal-size bag I could find. I ended up packing into this black one, and I was really happy with the makeup that I brought and I felt really proud that I packed so smart. 😉  (ok, so I packed my brushes and eyelash curler in another bag. So?!)
I liked what I used a lot- (I didn’t have room for my Naked palette, so it was fun to use some not-so-loved eyeshadows) and I ended up wearing it today, too.

Look at that! 🙂 It fits in my hand… lipgloss and all. I’m just so proud.
Did anyone have any “accomplishments” this weekend? 🙂
Heather Lauren

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