New Nailpolish!



   I’m so excited! 🙂 A happy little package came for me today with the nailpolishes I had asked someone to pick up for me, (I got a great discount) and I’m so excited to use them! All of them are neutral colors, but I still justified having all of them. (“I promise, mom, there’s a difference!” “Yes I need them all!”)

   I got three from O.P.I, and one from Essie.The first from O.P.I is “You Don’t Know Jacques!,” which I think most nailpolish junkies already have seen a  thousand times, but anyway, it’s a mushroom color that leans more on the brown side, so a grey/brown. Next is O.P.I’s Samoan Sand, a really light tan. This one has brown/yellow undertones on my skin, and I really like it! Next is “Bubble Bath” from O.P.I, and I’m sure you knew what this one was, too, just from the pictures. So many people have this color, and I can tell why! In the swatches below, I have three coats on, and it turns into a neutral, sheer pink. I really want to use this on top of a french manicure! Finally, “Topless & Barefoot” from Essie. This one I was so excited about- and I love it! It’s really similar to Samoan Sand, but the undertones are neutral. I think it’s just a brown/tan toned neutral.
  (For reference, in the pictures below I have two coats of “Samoan Sand,” three coats of “Bubble Bath,” three coats of “Topless & Barefoot,” and two coats of “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

 Any opinions on which to use first? I think I’m going to put “You Don’t Know Jacques!” on my toes, and “Topless & Barefoot” on my fingers. (I can do that, right? They’re “Neutrals!”)  😉

I hope you’re having a great weekend!
Heather Lauren

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