August Empties

    This month ended up being quite the emotional roller coaster, as far as empties are concerned! (Just kidding.. but I did finish a lot of things that I loved- two of which were from my boyfriend.) 
  1. Tressemme Heat Tamer Spray- This is definitely my favorite heat tamer spray and I was sad that it’s gone. The Tressemme one has by far the best packaging out of the few drugstore ones that I’ve tried. It sprays more of a mist than the others do; most of them spray straight liquid, and that makes it hard to let it dry before you use your curling iron or whatever you’re using. I ended up re-filling this one with a different brand’s heat protectant because I love the packaging so much! I would definitely recommend this.
  2. Equate “Ultra-Gentle” Facial Moisturizer-” I don’t have a ton to say about this- I have no idea how old it is. I finished it off this month at school- I put it in a little pot and have been using it throughout the day. It’s really nice, and it sinks in quickly because it’s really thin and smooth.
  3. Bath & Body Works “Strawberry Sparkler” shower gel- Here’s where I had to get the tissues out. 😉 My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday last year- almost a full year ago! I used it on and off (only on special occasions- it smelled amazing!) for a long time, and then I finally just finished it up because I didn’t want to have to throw any away! This scent (I believe) was part of the fall/winter collection last year, so I doubt I could find it again this year, but I definitely would if it comes back out.
  4. Avene “Extremely Gentle Cleanser-” This cleanser was wonderful! I would definitely get it again. It was really light and fresh and it lasted me a long time. It was great for my sensitive skin, but I still thought it cleaned my face well.
  5. Batiste dry shampoo- I was so glad I bought this! This lasted me about a month, and I used it every other day. I’m going to look around for a cheaper option that I can get at walgreens or something, because I’ve only seen this at T.J. Maxx. I would definitely recommend this, but you should know that the scent is really strong, so I would smell it first just in case! I never smelled it throughout the day, but it is really strong when you use it. (You could also buy the unscented version, but I haven’t tried it.)
  6. LORAC behind the scenes eye primer- I’ve mentioned this so many times already, so I was sad it dried up on me. I de-potted it a month or so ago, but it dried up! There was so much left, too.
  7. Aeropostale perfume- Now, I was genuinely sad when I finished this. My boyfriend bought this for me two years ago for Valentines day, and I just adored it. I think the scent was “Compagnie Generale.” I’m a really “sentimental” girl, so I’ll definitely be keeping this bottle. 🙂

     Did anyone finish up any favorites this month? 🙂
Heather Lauren

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