Heart Print Nails

It’s fall! 🙂 I’m so excited that it is September. My birthday is this month (tomorrow, actually!) and September is probably my favorite month. I love the transitioning fall weather and I’m so excited for fall trends! I wore boots for the first time this season today, and I was really excited about it.
  Anyway! I wanted to share with you all this nail trick that I found on Pinterest the other day. Basically all you do is find a little paper stamp and cut a shape out of a piece of tape, and use it as a stencil for your nails. I did this on my ring finger for an accent nail and I really loved it!

I used “Samoan Sand” and “Brisbane Bronze” from O.P.I. I wanted opaque polishes so I would only have to do one coat of the accent nail polish.

This is the “stamp” I used- I got it from my mom’s scrapbooking stuff 🙂 and I used thick, electrical tape. Regular transparent tape won’t give you clean lines when you cut it out.

Does anyone else have any other new “fall” nailpolish trends they’re loving? 🙂
Heather Lauren

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