Favorite Fall Nailpolishes

Long time no see! 🙂
I apologize for being M.I.A- I had a birthday this past week and I’ve just been loaded with homework. But, there’s always a weekend ahead, and so here I am! 🙂
I think it’s officially fall here now- the weather doesn’t feel like summer weather, I’ve worn my boots a few times, and It’s almost October! I’ve put away all of my summer nailpolishes now, and I’m excited to get some more use out of my more “fall-appropriate” colors. I put together a little list of my favorite colors for you today, but sadly the swatches of the colors just didn’t look right, so I ended up leaving them out. I need to buy some nail wheels!

So, first up are my three brown/bronze colors. This is my little collection of them, and they have quickly become my favorite category of “dark” colors. On the left is O.P.I’s “Brisbane Bronze,” which I mention all of the time. It’s just a warm-toned brown/bronze, and it’s easily one of my most favorite polishes of all time. The next polish is “Mercury Rising” by Sinful Colors, which is a deep raspberry color. I could probably even put this color in with my “Red” colored polishes, but it’s so deep red that it looks brown. Finally, “Rich in Heart,” also by Sinful Colors, is the last polish. This one is just a very obvious brown color with red shimmer in it, which is so pretty. I wish I could include swatches, but, like I said, they just weren’t worth showing. Sorry everyone!

I think reds look so beautiful in the fall- the colder months are pretty much the only time of year that I wear them. These are my favorite two: O.P.I’s “Smok’n in Havana” and “Red Aloud” by Old Navy’s Brand, “Tip Toe.” The one by O.P.I is more of a smoked, creamy red color with golden shimmer in it. “Red Aloud” is just a bright, primary, crayola red color. 🙂 Both are really beautiful and, (I think!) very appropriate for fall.

Finally, these are the two neutral colors that I can’t wait to wear this season. O.P.I’s “You Don’t Know Jacques,” and Essie’s “Topless & Barefoot.” Both of these I featured in a nailpolish “haul” I wrote a few weeks back, so I won’t go into too much detail, but “You Don’t Know Jacques” is a mushroom/grey/brown color, and “Topless & Barefoot” is a creamy nude color. It doesn’t have any hint of pink in it, which to me makes it completely neutral and very fall-appropriate.

Sorry to do two “nailpolish” related posts in a row! I have some things I’m really excited to share with you soon, so keep an eye out for that! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!
 Heather Lauren

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