September Favorites

Alright.. I promise I was planning on doing this before October 6 rolled around… but… October 6 rolled around.. and I’m just now writing this post…

… well, I took the pictures in September if that gets me any points back.. forgive me? 🙂

Anyway! I just have a few little things that I really loved and wore all through September. I want to keep this a little shorter than usual because I’m planning some reviews on some of these things for the future.

NYX Blush in “Peach-” This is just such an easy blush to wear everyday. This is the only NYX blush I have, but I want to get more because it’s really soft and pigmented.

NARS highlighter in “Albatross-” It’s really hard to get good swatches of this, because it ends up looking like a solid yellow block of shimmer! Obviously, I wear it much, much more sheer than that swatch, but I hope it goes to show the pigmentation and the metallic sheen that it has. But anyway, this is so gorgeous, and I’ve worn it everyday.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in  “Charm-” I did a whole post about this stain a few weeks ago, so you can look around for that if  you’re super interested. But I wore this last night to a football game, and my lips were still stained peachy pink when I woke up. Enough said! 🙂

Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm in “Pink Grapefruit-“ (link to show packaging- I would like to say that mine peeled off, but I just ripped it off… #yolo?) I love grapefruit, and this tastes so good! I know I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like the regular Burt’s Bees lipbalms that have that cooling, plumping effect, and that’s true– this one doesn’t have that at all! It’s super moisturizing and it hasn’t left my pocket since I got it.

M.A.C Lipstick in “Creme Cup-” This lipstick is a perfect pink/nude. The quality of this lipstick is amazing. It has a “vanilla” scent, which I’ve heard is a trademark of M.A.C lip products (this is my first M.A.C lip product, so I’m a bit behind!) and the color is gorgeous.

Clinique “High Impact” Mascara- My aunt recently brought me a huge bag of Clinique products, and there were three of these mini sample mascaras in it. I just really like this mascara! It’s really lengthening and the color is a really true, inky black.

I have loved trying new things this month. Gotta love favorites! 🙂
If you did a favorites post this month, link it below! I love to read them!
Heather Lauren

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