M.A.C "Teddy" Eye Kohl

I have been using gel eyeliner for so long now (mostly because I love it,) but partially because I didn’t have a pencil eyeliner that I loved. I ended up skipping eyeliner on the days when I did my makeup in a rush, and I decided that it would be fun to pick out a nice one and buy it. At first, I was looking at the Urban Decay ones, but the M.A.C ones ended up being cheaper, and I had heard a lot about “Teddy” already anyway.
   I ended up buying this one, and I love it! I’ve worn it everyday this week, and its so nice to have easy, portable eyeliner! What a concept, right? 🙂 
   “Teddy” is described as an “Intense Bronze” color, which I think is pretty accurate. It definitely has a bronze quality to it, and it’s not a completely matte color. I think “Teddy” is a darker brown than “Costa Riche” is, which supposedly is a medium brown color.
  The texture is really soft, and it blends really easily, too. Sometimes I hear people say that they have to dull down new eyeliners because they’re too sharp, but I used this one on my eyes as soon as I opened it, and I didn’t have any problems.
  These cost $15, which actually was really reasonable compared to the other department store brands. I’ve used it for a week and a half straight, and it’s just starting to get to the point where I really need to sharpen it- I can see it lasting me at least 6 months if I was using it everyday.

Has anyone tried any of the other formulations of M.A.C eyeliners? Which one is the best? 🙂
Heather Lauren

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