What I did today No. 1

Bedside Table Pre-Clean-Up/ Dresser Pre-Cleanup (Spot little Heather?)/ Favorite Candle/ Studying/ Tye-Dye & movie/ makeup of the day/ Hello!/ Sunset
So, crazy concept here, but I thought I could do some actual blogging on my blog, considering it is a blog, after all..
  But anyway, I had a day off this week (hooray!) and I had a really great day=! (I mean, how could you really mess up a day off??) I spent the morning cleaning up my room, which I really enjoy once and a while, and then studying,  (Ew.) and then my boyfriend came over and we watched the Aristocats. I love that movie! It was so fun to watch it again, I hadn’t seen it in years.
Happy Weekend!!
Heather Lauren

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