Top 10 Beauty Products Under $5

I always read articles like this in magazines- except they say “Under 10!,” which really doesn’t excite me very much because I’m not usually willing to spend $9.50 on a lipstick shade that somebody “loooves” from a sketchy brand you can only get at a specific store.
Obviously, no matter what anybody says their opinion is, the lipstick isn’t any better just because it’s under $5, but I’d probably try something if it was relatively cheap (and somebody said they “looooved” it, of course.)
So here are ten products under $5 that I would say are my favorites.  (No sketchy brands and specific stores required.)

1.  Maybelline Shinesensational lipgloss- Sheer, flavored, non-sticky glosses. (I got mine for $2!)
2. e.l.f. eybrow gel- I use this everyday to keep my eyebrows in place, and it’s only $1!
3. Up & Up brushes- These are the Target brand brushes, and they’re super soft. This one was less than $2.
4. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- The cheapest powder at the drugstore (that I’ve found, anyway) at $4. It’s a good quality powder, and it does help give extra coverage. (It’s also HUGE! You get tons of product.)
5. Burt’s Bees grapefruit balm- I’ve already mentioned this, but it tastes exactly like grapefruit, and its so yummy. ($3)
6. Maybelline Brow Powder- Pigmented enough to use as a subtle eyeshadow, but it doesn’t look too dark on your eyebrows. (Couldn’t find an exact price, but I know it’s around $4.)

7. Vaseline- I use this for everything! Just a classic all-purpose product. ($5)
8. Bath and Body Works Body Wash- Moisturizing, and of course they smell amazing! (You can always get these on sale for $3)
9. Sinful Colors Nailpolishes- These are really pretty, and less than $2 each!
10. Up & Up nailpolish remover- I get these huge bottles for $3, and they last forever. I like to buy the ones with the fewest ingredients that have acetone in them, because that’s the strongest formula.

I hope that was at least a little bit helpful! Do you use any of these?
Heather Lauren

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