Wet n Wild "Mellow Wine" Blush Review & Swatch

  I bought this blush last weekend, and I’ve loved wearing it this week! It’s such a pretty warm neutral color, and it really does go with anything. I’ve worn it with red lips and hot pink lips alike, and I think it complimented both colors well. I would really recommend this as an addition to any blush collection because it’s so versatile. Wet n Wild blushes (and eyeshadows, just for the record) are so pigmented. In the swatch above, I swiped my finger on it just once and got a completely full-color swatch. These powders are soft and they don’t crumble or flake. I got this one for around $3, and I’m sure you could get them almost free with a good sale and a coupon. 😉

Hooray for cheap stuff!
Heather Lauren

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