Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

   Writing a review on a BB cream seems like kind of a strange thing to do. Of course, you can say what you like and what you didn’t like about it, but so many of the drugstore BB creams (there were so many released over the summer!) have outrageous claims and (as far as I’ve heard,) none of them live up to their promises. The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream claims to be an 8-in-one skin perfector. It supposedly “Blurs imperfections, Enhances, Brightens, Adjusts to skin tone, Smoothes, Hydrates, SPF 30 protects, and Contains 0% oils and other heavy ingredients.” Quite the list!

The Good:
I bought this over the summer, and I’ve used it most days since. It’s definitely running on its last legs, and I’ll be sad when it finally runs out. This BB cream worked really well to take redness out of my skin, and it gave me a really nice finish that lasted all day. I rarely even bothered setting it with powder, and I was always really happy with the overall coverage once I put concealer anywhere that was really bothering me. I wore this all through summer and through that awkward fall-phase when you lose your tan most of the way, and the color blended in and matched me the whole time. I’m not sure if that credits more toward the “adjusting to skin tone” technology, or the fact that it’s just a super sheer formula, but either way, it helped me seamlessly (ha!) transition from season to season.  Price-wise, this BB Cream will cost you around $8, depending on where you get it. This did seem reasonable to me, considering most drugstore foundations will run you around $12 each, and (I feel like I always say this,) but you can always find coupons for drugstore makeup.

The Bad:
I don’t think this BB cream lives up to all of it’s eight claims like you imagine it will, but I felt like I knew what I was getting into when I bought it anyway. I had heard some other reviews that said described how sheer and light it is, so that’s what I expected. I feel like it’s really obvious to say, but if you’re looking for foundation, though, don’t assume that this BB Cream will meet all of your needs.

The Ugly:
This. Packaging! I understand how maybe the packaging is supposed to cater to a “fresh, young” audience, but it’s just not cute! This isn’t really the ideal product to use before a luxury date anyway, so I guess it makes sense. Maybe I’m too needy? Yeah, I guess so.

Heather Lauren


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