Rainy Day Outfits

Is it just me, or have the last three Mondays been rainy?
Obviously, none of you live in my town or anything, but I just feel like all the Mondays recently have been a little blah. The rain didn’t dampen (ha!) my spirits today, though, partly because I felt on-trend all day wearing my rain boots! Lots of girls at my school wear theirs on rainy days with cute sweaters from prospective colleges or a sweatshirt del boyfriend, but I styled mine with a cardigan, pearls, and curls and I had a productive, preppy day. 🙂

Outfits from Pinterest:


I love these outfits, and I hope you can find some inspiration from them as well. I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of my boots this season! Bring it on, rainy Mondays! 🙂
Heather Lauren

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