NOTD: Christmas Eve

     Last year I realized that Christmas morning means pictures, and those pictures (no matter how excited I look) don’t always look good! Also due to my ever increasing love for beauty products and pampering, for the last few years I have tried to at least get some mascara on before taking part in Christmas morning. This year I painted my nails a bright, seasonal red, and I plan on getting some sneaky matte eyeshadow and blush on before I see what’s under the tree!
     This color is “Red Carpet” by Sally Hansen- a slightly deeper red with lots of red shimmer. Very festive! It was a pain to clean up, and it definitely stained around my ring finger where I “colored outside the lines-” use a base coat with this one!

     I hope you all get to have a relaxing few days and a Merry Christmas!
(And may there always be a new nailpolish in your stocking!)
-Heather Lauren

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