Target Haul!

So many people have been doing hauls lately, showing all the new stuff in the the drugstores that have come out with the spring collections. I really wanted to go and see it all, so today I went to Target and picked up a few things. I didn’t get much from the new lines, but it was really fun to see it all! It seems like Maybelline has been up to a lot lately. They have all kinds of new things out, and I spent a lot of time looking at the new things. The “Vivid” lipstick line seems really interesting, and so does their new eyeliner. So much to try! Let me know if you’ve picked up any of the new stuff!
The first thing I picked up was the new Revlon “Nearly Naked” foundation, which everyone seems to love! I’m really excited about trying it out, and it does seem really nice. I blended a little onto my hand, and I can see the coverage, but no trace of the actual makeup. I’m really excited to try this!
Next, I got a pack of the new Maybelline “Clean Express!” makeup wipes. To be completely honest, I wanted them because they’re pink (and only $4!). I’ve started wearing more “foundation” lately, and I wanted some makeup wipes to help clean it off, because I usually just wash my face with my hands at night. I was really hoping that they would smell really good, but they just smell like face wipes probably should- fresh and clean.
I also picked up the Maybelline Rocket mascara. I’ve heard good reviews about it, and it does seem really nice. I’ll probably do a review later, but I’m excited about it!
I have a hard time not picking my nailpolish off at school, so I got an Essie nail polish in  “vanity fairest,” just to put on in a thin layer that won’t peel off so easily. It’s a shimmery, sheer pink, and I’ll paint my nails with it later today and show you some pictures soon!
Next are two L’oreal Eyeshadows in “Iced Latte” and “Endless Pearl.” I’ve seen swatches of these everywhere, and they’re so beautiful! These two colors seemed the most wearable, and I really love them. They remind me a lot of Urban Decay shadows, really creamy and easy to work with.
Most interesting of all was the Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in “Berry Ready,” which really surprised me. I thought that these would literally be “whispers” of color- as in “sheer.” I was so wrong! This color is the darkest one, and I think the lighter colors are sheer and glossy, but this one is a full on lipstick! It is the nicest feeling lipstick I’ve ever tried- super light and thin on your lips, with full coverage color. I’ve never tried other Maybelline lipsticks, but now I really want to! This is a really beautiful color, just not what I was expecting. The last picture shows it on my lips.
Thanks for reading! Sorry I was M.I.A for a while- I had a little trip this last weekend, and I just haven’t gotten back into the swing of things. So excited to do reviews on all of this!
Hope you’re having a great weekend!
Heather Lauren

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