Recent Favorites (January/February)

   Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well- haven’t updated in a while! 🙂
I’ve had a lot of new products in my makeup bag lately that I’ve been using often and loving recently, so I thought I would share the list with you. Most of these things have been reviewed or mentioned recently here, too, so I’ll keep this post a little shorter and link the places where there are some more in-depth opinions mentioned.

   For blush, I’ve been alternating between the MAC blush in “Launch Away!” and the NARS blush in “Dolce Vita.” “Launch Away!” is my first MAC blush, I believe from the “Hey Sailor!” collection that launched summer 2012 (correct me if I’m wrong!) It’s so long lasting and looks really natural. It’s been great for everyday and I think it’s the only blush I’ve worn for the past week. “Dolce Vita” is a really pretty plum/pink color, and I think it’s a really good color on my skin tone, especially when I’m pale like I am now.
   The L’oreal eyeshadows in “Iced Latte” and “Endless Pearl” have made it onto my eyes almost every day for the first two weeks of February. They’re so soft and creamy, and I really want to check out more of the colors in the line.

   I’ve worn the Bobbi Brown concealer duo (I think my color is warm ivory) every single day since I got it, and I adore it! It’s so easy to blend, and I’ve even used the powder most days and really liked it. It covers really well, and only creases if I don’t set it. I would definitely recommend it!

   MAC lipstick in “Syrup” – easily my favorite lipstick for the last few months! It’s a perfect shade of plum/medium pink for my skin tone. It’s been my perfect fall/winter lipstick. If anyone knows a good MAC lipgloss that works well with it, let me know!

   The LORAC “perfectly lit” highlighter in “spotlight” came in a Sephora set that I got for Christmas. It’s replaced my NARS Albatross highlighter as my everyday highlight because it’s so natural. It blends into the skin really well, and looks really subtle.

     The Revlon “Nearly Naked” foundation has also been a recent favorite of mine. I love the coverage it gives me, and once it sinks into the skin, I can’t see any traces of foundation. I know everyone has been trying this lately, but definitely check it out if you haven’t yet!

   Last but not least, the two nailpolishes that I’ve been loving the most have been “Vanity Fairest” and “Berry Naughty” from Essie. “Vanity Fairest” is a super sheer pink color with silver shimmer in it. It looks really clean and nice on the nails. “Berry Naughty” is a perfect deep red color. The picture above shows it in the sunlight, and you can really see the red tones in it in natural light.

   Like I said, I hope you’re all doing well! Thanks for reading! 🙂
Heather Lauren

2 thoughts on “Recent Favorites (January/February)

  1. I actually have oily skin, and I didn't have any troubles with it being too oily on me 🙂 I think it did break me out (not completely sure- I was trying a few things!) so I didn't wear it for very long, but I'll keep you updated!


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