Update: Vanity and Prom!

   I’m so excited to finally have some time to catch up with my blog! I’ve really missed writing, and there’s been so much going on, so I decided to take a little break from reviews and give you an update. February was an awesome month! I got asked to prom (!!!) and I’ve been busy saving, planning, and shopping. I’m definitely a future-oriented person, so, to me, planning is just as fun as actually going. I’m hoping to go to mac and get a new eyeshadow, (I’m thinking ‘quarry’) and maybe a dazzleglass. I’m so excited! I have already bought my dress, and I can’t wait to share pictures!

   When my boyfriend asked me to prom, he asked me out on a date for Valentines Day by leaving a red dress on my doorstep with a note asking me out for dinner the next night. He took me out to dinner for at a Chinese restaurant and had a ‘fortune’ in my fortune cookie that said “Will you PLEASE go to prom with me?” It was such a surprise- he did such a good job! It was so sweet and so fun, and I’m so excited to go to prom with him!
   I’ve got a lot planned for my makeup, hair, and jewelery, and I want to show you my shopping lists and such, but I can’t figure out a good way to make collages. Let me know if you know how!
   Towards the end of the month, my mom bought and painted this little table for me to use as a vanity. It looks beautiful and I’ve loved having a pretty place just for makeup! I also really like to organize things (especially the pretty things) so I’ve loved organizing what I keep inside it.
Thanks for reading!
Heather Lauren

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