"Berry Smoothie" Revlon Lipbutter

I’ve fallen so hard for MAC’s “Syrup” lipstick that I’ve been on a hunt for drugstore dupes. There have been several misses, and I still haven’t found an exact dupe for it, but along the way, I did come across another one of the Revlon Lipbutters, and I’ve loved it ever since.
Sappy love stories aside, this shade is more on the pink side of berry shades. It has pink shimmer in it, but it doesn’t feel gritty or anything. It’s sheer and light but also buildable and will make a great transition color into the warmer months. I’m really getting into colors like this!
I’ve never met a Lipbutter I didn’t like, and now I want to try the rest of the berry ones!
Hope you’re all doing well and happy spring! 🙂
Heather Lauren

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