DIY French Manicure

   So.. I lied in my last post. I said that the next polish to go on my nails would be Essie “Tart Deco-” and clearly, that hasn’t happened! In that same post, I mentioned that I had Essie “Vanity Fairest” on my toes, which I had used in a french manicure. Today I wanted to try a french manicure on my hands as well, and I ended up loving the outcome! 🙂
   This was my first time doing my own french manicure, and I wanted to share with you the steps I did to do it at home. The polishes I used are Essie “Vanity Fairest” and Sally Hansen “White On.” White On is great for french manicures because its cheap, and it’s opaque! I only used one coat! Finally, I used really strong acetone nailpolish to help me clean up my edges, and an eyeliner brush from a Maybelline gel eyeliner (which needs to be cleaned- sorry!)

What I did:

   1) Paint tips white. I did this quickly and sloppily, painting pretty much half of my nail, and just focused on getting an opaque white color.
   2) Wait for nails to completely dry, and then start thinning out and shaping your white tips. This took me forever, (especially when I was painting with my non-dominant hand!) but to me, it’s easier to clean up the polish with remover than to try and put it on neatly.
   3) Finish your manicure with a sheer pink polish- I used two coats. The pink color helps me to blur my white lines a little bit, which really helps the end result of my manicure.

   In the end, I definitely don’t think these are perfect! They clearly aren’t even, and the tips are thicker than I’d like them to be. (Let’s not even start on my nail beds. I’m a nail biter.) But I loved how these turned out, and I think I’ll be trying to tweak my methods for the next little while. I want to try out colored tips- I’m thinking pastel colors for spring??

Have you ever tried a DIY French Manicure? 🙂
Heather Lauren

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