Spring Nailpolishes from Essie

(Two coats of each)

I’ve started painting my nails in spring colors and wanted to share a list of my favorite ones with you. I was gathering up a little collection of them, and then realized that they’re all Essie polishes! 🙂 Essie is my favorite brand for nail polish, and apparently I really like their spring colors! Today, I picked five polishes that I’ve loved wearing as the weather has gotten warmer.

Tart Deco- A perfect creamsicle orange color. This is one of my first Essie colors, and I love it! It’s definitely going on my nails next. It’s really creamy and opaque, and the color definitely enhances a tan.

Vanity Fairest- This is a recent purchase for me- (and it’s currently on my toes!) It’s a sheer formula with a little bit of silver shimmer in it, which is really flattering on the nails, even with one coat. It just looks really classy. Even though it works year round, It’s a nice, fresh choice for spring.

Mojito Madness- I read on a blog once that this is the perfect “Starbucks straw green” color- which I totally agree with! I like this one best on my toes, but it’s really pretty!

Bikini So Teeny- I picked this one up this week and it’s currently on my nails. It’s a nice periwinkle blue with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. It was a little bit streaky to apply, but the color and the name are so cute! (My boyfriend even said he liked it…)

Trophy Wife- This one is definitely the “least spring” out of the group, but it’s gorgeous! It’s a beautiful metallic teal, and the formula is really nice.

I hope you like my choices- let me know what yours are (even if they’re not Essie!)
Heather Lauren

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