Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

  I am one of those people who will never be able to go completely paperless. Something about writing things down in my own handwriting makes everything more personal and makes me feel like I have it all together… (I don’t). Cute planners keep me organized and excited to tackle whatever tasks or events are set up for each day. This summer, I’m trying to use my free time to keep up with my blog, workouts, and bible studies. So, I bought this agenda to make and keep up with all my little schedules… too bad I didn’t realize that it starts in August! I’m super disappointed that I don’t get to use it yet, but I think it will help ease the pain of the new school year when I can write all my homework in teal and pink instead of boring school colors.
  Though this particular planner doesn’t help me at all at the moment with organizing my life, I’m still really excited about it and wanted to share with you what it looks like. I had seen one of these agendas in person once before, and I fell in love with it, but it’s difficult to decide which agenda or planner to buy if you can’t flip through it first!
  This particular one is the 2014 Large Agenda in “Turquoise Lets Cha Cha”, which retails for about $28. The store that I got it from only sold the Large Agendas and the Small Agendas. I don’t know what the difference is between the Monthly Planners and the Agendas from Lilly, so you might want to look into that if you’re interested in buying one because the Monthly Planners are only $18!
  The Large Agenda is 1 in x 7.35 in x 8.75 in, and I like how it’s in spiral form so the pages are easier to turn! It has a hard cover, so I hope it will be durable enough to stand through my backpack for a year! Obviously, in true Lilly fashion, the colors are beautiful and each page is decorated in Lilly patterns. It’s gorgeous to flip through! I also really like that it has plastic tabs for each month, which makes it really easy to find whatever month you’re looking for.
  The Agendas feature a two-page spread for each monthly calendar, and then another two-page spread for each week. The biggest difference between the Large and Small Agendas to me were the size of the squares for each monthly calendar. The Small Agenda still had a considerable amount of room for each day to write, so if you’re looking to save a little money and be able to fit your Agenda in your purse, the Small Agenda might be better for you!

  I’m starting to get really excited for August to fill this out! Not so sure what I’ll be doing to keep up with my workout schedule until then, but I guess that’s okay. 🙂

Hope this was helpful!
Heather Lauren

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