Random e.l.f. Makeup Reviews

  Yesterday, my friend told me that there is new e.l.f. makeup out and that we need to go shopping and get some, which got me thinking about all of their products that I’m excited to try. If that shopping trip ever happens, (I hope it does!) I will definitely share with you what I get, but in the meantime I thought I would show and review the e.l.f. products that I currently have. I cleaned out my makeup collection recently, so some of the lipglosses and a few other bits (sorry, e.l.f.) were weeded out, but I still have several different e.l.f. products hanging out in my collection.

 Cream Eyeliner in “Brown-“ This gel liner is really nice! The color is nicely pigmented, and it hasn’t dried out on me. It doesn’t flake off when you wear it, and is really easy to get off at the end of the night. Would definitely recommend this if you’re looking to try out gel or cream eyeliners, especially because they come in some really cool colors!
Clear Mascara– I talk about this all the time on this blog, and I love this product! I use it everyday to set my brows, and it is amazing.
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen– I picked this up a few days ago, and I really like it. I’m not sure about how quickly it will dry out, but I’ve loved using it so far! It makes for a really quick option for eyeliner, and it lasts well throughout the day. It hasn’t flaked off on me, and just like the gel version, it comes off really easily at the end of the day.
Liquid Eyeliner– These glitter eyeliners are amazing! I love to wear them on my lower lash line in the pictures  below, I only had to use one coat to get a really nice amount of glitter. The glitter is pretty big, so if you scrub your eyes, then it might be scratchy on your skin, but if you leave it alone, you’ll forget that it’s there! Once again, it lasts well, doesn’t flake, and comes off easily. Love this!

 Studio Blush in “Tickled Pink-“ I think that the e.l.f. blushes are a lot like the NARS blushes, especially in finish! This one is a peachy pink with a really nice golden sheen, and it really looks nice on. I’ve tried a few of the other colors, but this one if my favorite!
Eyebrow Kit in “Medium-“ To start off, I should have bought the “light” shade, but I got the “medium” one on accident. This one I probably won’t get a lot of use out of. The powder on the right is really nicely pigmented, but it’s also really powdery, so it’s not easy to use without getting it all over my face. It’s also more difficult to get a natural brow look with a really pigmented powder! The gel is way too dark for my brows, and I find that it doesn’t set very well without a powder.

Custom Eyeshadow Compact- These compacts are one of the coolest alternatives to z-palettes or mac palettes. You can get them for only $1 each, and they fit up to five mac eyeshadows at a time. (Above, I have my four mac shadows in one.) The bottom pan is magnetic, so I just buy de-potted mac shadows, and they pop right in. I would totally recommend getting these- they’re amazing for travel!

Thought I would throw in some pictures at the end so you could see what some of the makeup looks like! Here, I’m wearing the brow powder, the brow gel, the gel eyeliner, the glitter liner, and the blush. Not too bad! 🙂

Let me know if there are any other elf products that I need to try! 🙂 Do you use any of these?
Heather Lauren

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