M.A.C "Hue" and "Double Happiness" Swatch + Review!

 Yay for M.A.C hauls! I was out shopping with my family today, and decided it would be fun to spend some of my recent babysitting money on some new M.A.C stuff! I immediately stopped by and swatched some of the things from the “Tropical Taboo” collection, and then went to play with some lipsticks. I swatched a few neutral pinks, and then decided that I wanted to get something similar to another M.A.C lipstick that I already have, Creme Cup, that was a little bit more neutral with less of a blue tone.
  I swatched Angel and Creme D’Nude, but when I swatched Hue, (*from the normal M.A.C line- not part of the Tropical Taboo collection) I fell in love with it! I was comparing them next to Creme Cup, and Hue was exactly what I wanted. Slightly more warm toned, but not completely wash-me-out nude. I tried it on, and then added the “Double Happiness” gloss from the new collection on top. They looked so good together, and I decided to get both. So glad I did! Sometimes colors look a little different once you get the products out in natural light, but I thought they looked even better once I got home.

Hue + Double Happiness
The pictures show up really true to color, and I love how they work together. Hue is a perfect nude for me- it looks pink compared to my skin tone so it doesn’t wash me out, but it looks like a nude compared to pink lipsticks. It has a nice, natural finish, so it doesn’t look too shiny, and it isn’t matte and drying, so I can wear it even with really casual makeup looks without it looking out of place. Double Happiness adds a lot of shine and an even tint of color (it’s a cremesheen glass) without being sparkly or too glittery. It has a subtle golden sheen that catches the light, but most of it’s shine is just due to the texture of the gloss. It doesn’t feel sticky or thick on my lips, and bonus jonas, it smells like the signature M.A.C vanilla scent. Hooray!
I will definitely be wearing this lip combo for my senior pictures coming up soon. So excited! 🙂 Have you tried anything else from the new Tropical Taboo collection? Let me know if there’s anything I need to check out!
Heather Lauren

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