My Hair on Surf Spray

My hair is naturally very thin and pretty straight, so I’ve always wanted bigger, wavier hair. Obviously, hair products are a much healthier way to style your hair than curling irons are, and I finally turned to Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to add some “I spend every morning at the beach” texture into my hair. Once I got past the initial pain of the $25.00 price for my little bottle, I fell in love! I tend to spend my money on my makeup rather than on my hair, but now I realize how good some “high-end” hair products can be.
  To start off, Surf Spray smells so nice! It has a light, fresh scent that doesn’t exactly remind me of the beach, but is still really nice. I find that the smell really lingers in my hair, which I like, but I don’t smell it unless I intentionally sniff my hair. (Also boyfriend approved!)
  It only takes a few sprays of this to get a nice effect in my hair. I like that it keeps my hair soft and just defines my layers and highlights without feeling crunchy or making my hair tangly. It adds a lot of bounce and shine into the ends of my hair, which I really love. I’ve been really impressed with how this works and I think it makes a difference in my hair. It adds enough texture and definition into my hair where I can just let it air dry and then spray it in to have an effortless, “finished” looking style.
  I notice the biggest difference with this when I spray it on completely dry hair, but you can definitely use it on wet hair.

I’m really interested in the Surf Spray shampoo and conditioner, so let me know if you’ve tried those!
Hope you’re having a great day!
Heather Lauren

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