Essie Nailpolish Collection- August 2013

    I love Essie nailpolishes. Maybe it’s the cute names… or the adorable little bottles.. or the beautiful colors… but I absolutely adore them. I have found that some of the formulas are hit-and-miss, but I’m willing to work with them because I love the colors so much. Words of an addict? Absolutely.
 (Berry Naughty, Watermelon, Sunday Funday, Tart Deco)
Berry Naughty– Gorgeous deep red. Love to wear this in the fall and winter. Review here.
Watermelon– Deep hot pink. Goes on nicely pigmented, but dries pretty matte.
Sunday Funday– Shimmery coral, perfect for summer.
Tart Deco– Creamy peachy pink. NOTD (my first post ever!) here.

Bikini So Teeny– Cutest name ever! I got 8 compliments in one day with this polish. Beautiful baby blue.
Mojito Madness– “Starbucks” Kelly green.
Trophy Wife– Metallic teal. My first Essie polish!

Vanity Fairest– Shimmery, sheer baby pink. My most used nailpolish! Used here.
Fiji– Opaque baby pink. This looks amazing with a tan, but you have to work with the formula a little bit.
Topless & Barefoot– True nude.

   You don’t own too many nailpolishes until you can’t name them anymore. Therefore, this is not obsessive. This is not unnecessary. I need all of these. Right? 😉
Heather Lauren

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