Vanity Tour Part One

   I really wanted to show some swatches today, but the weather is really just not swatch-compatible! I decided that it might be different and fun to show you where I store and apply my makeup. I split this post up into two posts, so today I’ll show how I organize on top of my vanity, and tomorrow I’ll show how I keep my makeup inside the drawer.
 My vanity actually came from a local furniture store, and my mom painted it cream and distressed it to match the other furniture in my room. The knob on the drawer came from Anthropologie, and I’m not sure where the mirror came from!

 The right side of my desk has my brushes in it, which I keep separated into face and eye brushes. Look out for a “favorite brushes” post soon, and please remind me in the comments to clean these!

  The left side of my vanity has my Naked palette, which I have to admit I don’t get a ton of use out of. I’ve really tried to open it up more lately, but I’m just not into warm toned eyeshadows anymore! On top of that, I keep a box that my parents got for me in Peru, and I keep lipglosses in it. Hiding behind that is a small candle holder where I keep an eyeliner pencil sharpener. That allows me to sharpen my liners whenever I want at my vanity and gives me a place to keep the messy shavings! Next, I keep De Slick setting spray, a mason jar full of eyeliners, and then a small beaded candle holder with my current favorite lip products.

  Tomorrow I’ll post more about my makeup storage inside my desk, but I hope this was interesting!
Heather Lauren

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