Vanity Tour Part Two

   Now for the interesting part! A few days ago, I shared pictures of the top of my vanity and how I organize it, and today I bring you the contents of the drawer! The majority of my makeup “collection” is stored in this drawer. Anything I would usually reach for is kept here. I keep my everyday products in the four main compartments at the front… and I pretty much just cram everything else in the back of the drawers. #needmorecompartments
   In the far left, I keep my BB cream, mascaras, eye primers, concealers, and brow gel. This one contains mostly face/base products, and then the rest of the random things that I use every day like gel eyeliner and my eyelash curler.
  Next to that, I have a box that I keep my everyday eyeshadows in. I have my NARS “And God Created Woman” palette, my homemade M.A.C. palette, and then single eyeshadows from covergirl and Urban Decay.
  Above that, I have a long skinny box that keeps my face powders. I have blushes, powder, and some highlighters in there that I have been loving the most.
   Finally, on the far right I keep lipsticks and some chapsticks that I reach for the most. Lots of Revlon Lipbutters found here, along with my very, very tiny M.A.C lipstick collection.

Anyone want to donate more little containers to a worthy cause? 😉
Heather Lauren

2 thoughts on “Vanity Tour Part Two

  1. I do- not quite sure how to make it work on me yet, it's a little bit too cool toned for me right now. I'm hoping it works better once I lose my tan. I'll send it your way if I can't figure it out 😉


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