Youtube Made Me Buy It Tag

Earlier this week, I watched EmilyNoel83’s “Youtube Made Me Buy It” tag, and I thought it was such a cute tag idea! Basically what she did was list some of her favorite youtubers, and she talked about things that they said that made her buy certain products. I definitely have been influenced in the last few years from the people that I watch on youtube, so I thought I would share what exactly they made me spend my money on. Or something like that.

   (Creme Cup, Teddy, Nylon, Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe)

   Tanya Burr: (Channel) When I need to know about M.A.C. products, I turn to Tanya Burr. Her eyeshadow and lipstick collections from M.A.C. are amazing, and she is great at describing colors, so her videos are really informative. I watched her “top ten M.A.C. lipsticks” video to pick out my first M.A.C. lipstick, Creme Cup, and most of my small M.A.C. eyeshadow collection (Satin Taupe, Nylon, and Naked Lunch) comes straight out of her tutorials and her “top ten M.A.C. eyeshadows” videos. I also picked up her favorite pencil eyeliner, Teddy, and the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer that she uses in almost every tutorial she has.

(Syrup, Dandelion, Isolde)

   ViviannaDoesMakeup: (Channel) Vivianna is to credit for my purchase of the NARS “And God Created Woman” eyeshadow palette. She made a really nice video about the palette and created a beautiful eyeshadow look that absolutely sold me. She also wrote a blog post about it (here) that did me in. Her blog is one of my favorites to read. She’s witty, thoughtful, and extremely professional and neat, and posts every day.

  Zoella: (Channel) Zoe could sell me anything- she’s beautiful and stylish and she has a really unique taste in makeup. She wears a lot of really warm shades and oranges and corals, and the NARS eyeshadow duo in “Isolde” looks beautiful on her. I saw it in several of her videos, and then when I stumbled across this post on her blog, I fell in love with the duo. Months later, I haven’t figured out how to make it work for my brown eyes that tend to favor cool tones, but I’m still in love with it.

   Estée: (Channel) Estée has a really beautiful collection of lipsticks, and I look to her also to decide on what lipsticks to buy. She raved and raved about M.A.C Syrup lipstick until I finally bought it, and It was my favorite lipstick throughout the fall and winter… can’t wait to bust this out again soon!

   Blair: (Channel) Blair was the first person that I started watching on youtube, and she always mentioned that L’Oreal Telescopic mascara was her favorite drugstore mascara. I tried it eventually and it immediately became my favorite mascara.

   Arden: (Channel) Arden has gotten me really interested in Benefit products, and my first purchase was the boxed powder in Dandelion. I think this will look a little bit better on me in the winter, but it’s gorgeous!

I love that I always feel like I have help in making big decisions of the cosmetic kind.
Go check out all of these amazing ladies if you haven’t already!
Heather Lauren

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