em Cosmetics First Impressions

I have been watching Michelle Phan on youtube for years- she was one of the first people that I followed and she helped me to fall in love with the online beauty community as a whole. I was so excited for her and her success with starting a makeup line, and I’ve been really excited to try it out. I put an order in online and just got my package in the mail last night. It came pretty quickly, and I had free shipping, so I was really impressed with that. I put the order in after I watched Michelle’s most recent tutorial (this one!) and fell in love with the rose gold waterliner she used. After browsing the site for a few minutes, I had found several things that really interested me. I obviously have only had these products for a day, but I thought a first impressions review might be interesting.

At a glance:
Favorite Thing: Concealer!
Packaging: Not a huge fan of white makeup packaging, but it’s really nicely made!
What I would buy next: I would buy the makeup mood enhancer that Amarixe mentioned in (this) video.

Worth the money? Overall, yes.

(L to R: Eyeshadow swatches, concealer swatch, liner swatch)

Waterliner in -“Ro’s Gold-“ The color of this liner is gorgeous, it’s a perfect rose gold color, and it shows up very metallic. Personally, I’m considering returning it because I have a really hard time putting things in my waterline, and I don’t have another use for this color. I definitely think they have great staying power and really high quality pigmentation, though.

“Shanghai Lavenders” eyeshadow palette- These colors are really nice, and I love how many you get in the palette. I think you can do a lot of looks with this, but I don’t think it is as much of an everyday palate as I thought it was. Most of the colors are on the darker side, and all of the lighter colors aren’t very neutral. For me, this means that most of the looks that I could make with this would be on the smoky side. If it had a neutral base color and a highlight, you could use this palette much more often.
As for packaging, the plastic feels really expensive, and the magnetic closure is really nice. I think the packaging is a little on the large side, but it’s still easy to tuck into your makeup bag. You could get by with a basic look with the brushes that come with the palette- they do best for blending than for putting on color, though. The liner end of the double-sided brush is good- it’s really thin and not too fluffy, so it works really well for powder liner!
“Ultimate Concealer in “Fair Neutral/Cool-” This is definitely my favorite product from my order. This concealer has the highest coverage of any that I’ve ever tried. It’s light and opaque, and it blends in easily. I used it today for spot concealing, and I was very impressed. Totally worth the money, and it hasn’t broken me out. I want to buy back-ups for this, and I can easily see myself using the entire tube. My only pointer with this, though, is to use the tiniest amount possible that you can squeeze out. A little goes a long way!

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