Marchesa for Revlon Nail Strips

I first saw these Marchesa by Revlon nailpolish strips one of missglamorazzi’s videos on youtube. I loved how it looked, and I was so excited that she talked about it in the video. Seeing it up close, I was afraid that it would be impossible for me to recreate at home, but fortunately for me, she used a polish I already owned and nailpolish strips that I could easily get!

They were really easy to find at Walgreens, and they had lots of really nice ones to choose from. If I got a second set, I would probably buy the blue floral ones- so pretty! I ended up just picking up the diamond ones that Ingrid had. They’re just as beautiful in real life as I had hoped they would be, and definitely worth the money on looks alone. These were the first polish strips that I’ve ever tried, so I don’t have much to compare them to, but they were really easy to get on. I did them in the car, and they weren’t messy at all. Even though they are “3D,” they don’t catch on clothing or anything like that.

Really loved how these turned out, and I’ll probably buy an extra set to save for a special occasion. I wore them for the last four days, and they lasted really well. I’m excited to use the extras from the pack as accent nails!

Heather Lauren

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