7 Things for 7 Days no. 2

(happiest picture, ever, right?!)
picture not mine- found here on pinterest.
  1. Be intentional in my relationships. Seek out people I love or want to know better and be intentional about being involved in their lives.
  2. Take some “me” time. Make some art, discover new music, go for a walk.
  3.  Drink water and tea. My mocha addiction is getting a little out of hand… and a little expensive.
  4.  Go above and beyond on at least one thing. Whether that’s on an assignment at school, a project for a club, helping my family, or napping.
  5. Mani Monday. I need a good lacquering this week. Preferably by Essie.
  6. Start to read a new book. My vocabulary and my imagination are both lacking, which means I need a new novel in my life.
  7. Learn something new. Ideally, something for my blog. I really want to redesign my blog, but I want to do it myself!
Heather Lauren

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