Makeup Morality- NARS Guy Bourdin 2013 Holiday Collection

(Picture from here. Not mine)
I was very excited to find out that NARS was including a blush palette in their Holiday 2013 collection. However, once I started to research it, I found a lot of people commenting on how controversial the collection was because of the obvious link to Guy Bourdin, a photographer known for his objectifying pictures that intend sexual, “abusive” tones. NARS is known for it’s raunchy product names and “innovative” leadership, so it really doesn’t come as a surprise that this collection highlights those aspects of the brand. It has been increasingly interesting to me, though, how this markets towards women. I don’t know who the target market is for NARS, but I really would be curious to hear about what the marketing strategy was for this one!
  Do things like this matter to you, or is good makeup only good makeup?
Heather Lauren

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