Favorie Fall Manicure Essentials

Manicures are tricky enough on their own, but when the cooler months roll around and darker colors are on trend, my manis tend to get a little more messy, and mistakes are more noticeable. However, with a little help, my nails can pass as presentable.. now I just have to stop biting them!
  First is my favorite topcoat, which is the Revlon Colorstay Gel-Shine Top Coat. I’ve tried the infamous Seche Vete topcoat, but I couldn’t stand it. It was way too thick to use, and I couldn’t use up more than half of it before it started to dry up. The Revlon version, on the other hand, is shiny and just thick enough to give a beautiful gel finish to my polish.  I love that the brush is two-thick, so it coats each nail in one swipe.
  The O.P.I Drying Drops are absolutely amazing! I put off buying them because I thought they were on the expensive side for $10 a bottle, but since you only need one drop per nail, I think it’s going to last me forever. All you do with these is put one drop on each nail, let it set for a few minutes, and then gently rub off any excess oil. This helps so much when I’m doing two coats of nail polish plus a top coat.
  The Sally Hansen Nail and Cuticle Oil is another really great way to make your manicures look beautiful. It soaks in quickly and really adds moisture back into your nails.
  Finally, my favorite trick to getting a clean edge on my manicure is to dip a small eyeliner brush into nail polish remover. You can buy manicure pens that have remover in them, so go for that for a less-messy option, but to me, it’s way cheaper to use an eyeliner brush than to keep buying pens that will run out.

Heather Lauren

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