M.A.C Eyeshadow Starter Kit


   I couldn’t even swatch Naked Lunch- there’s none left 😦

     Choosing which M.A.C eyeshadows to start off your collection with can be really difficult- they have so many to choose from, and they all are beautiful! I’ve started out small with my collection, I currently only have four shades, but I really love them and I have found that I don’t need any more colors! Although I certainly am not an expert on M.A.C shadows, I would love to share which colors I got and why I love them!

  • Nylon: Gorgeous highlight shade. Very dramatic highlight, but it’s a perfect light gold that you can wear with anything.
  • Naked Lunch: Mine is almost gone, and I never swatched it on my blog before I hit pan, but you can see swatches here. I clearly love it! It makes a really pretty peach champagne color that doesn’t wash me out and adds just enough shimmer for everyday. Definitely will re-purchase this one!
  • Quarry- Matte dusty grey with cool purple tones. This is the most natural blending shade that I’ve ever tried, and the purple tones are very flattering on brown eyes. It’s nicely pigmented for a matte shade, too!
  • Satin Taupe- I think this is totally worth the hype- it’s a perfectly balanced, neutral shimmering taupe shade that will flatter anyone. I wore this for my birthday, prom, and senior pictures. It’s definitely my favorite M.A.C. eyeshadow!
I can use these four all together, and every combination of them works as well. I would totally recommend these as a start to your M.A.C. collection- it worked for me!
Heather Lauren

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