New Years Eve 2013

Old Navy Sweatshirt // Necklace – Target // O.P.I “My Favorite Ornament” // Kiss Nail Stickers
   This year I’m excited to have a relaxing night in with friends and family for New Years Eve. We’re planning on eating Mexican food, and we got some of those obnoxious horn things to drive everyone crazy with all night. I’m definitely excited.
  As for my outfit, I’m using a sparkly sweatshirt (paired with sweatpants because I’m classy like that) as my ode to the festivities. Hopefully it will hide all of my Mexican-food-pigging-out sins. 😉
   2013 was an awesome year. I decided on a college, went to prom, got my first job, and celebrated my fourth anniversary with my boyfriend. I loved 2013, but I’m so excited for all of the big changes happening in my life in 2014- hello, college!!
   I hope you have a relaxing, safe, and fun New Years Eve, and a great year ahead!
Heather Lauren

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