Finishing Senior Year

I am wrapping up my senior year of high school and I am so excited about this summer and college ahead of me. This is such a fun time in my life, and I really am hoping to document it on my blog. Currently, I am looking for a job for the summer and counting down the days (only 6 to go!) until high school is over. Excited to do lots of posts in the near future on college decorating, high school advice, and details on my life this summer. In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on…

1. Decided to go to UTC next fall- absolutely thrilled! The campus is beautiful and it’s the perfect size for me. Communications degree, here I come!
2. My beautiful roommate! Abi of
3. The earrings from Baublebar I want for graduation! Aren’t they pretty?
4. I cut my hair short last week! I am loving it- so excited to have a fresh ‘do for the summer.
5. One of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks. Love you, girl!

2 thoughts on “Finishing Senior Year

  1. Congratulations on graduating! You're right, the earrings are gorgeous 🙂
    I'm jealous you're going into summer (while im stuck in winter), I hope you have a good one! xxxx


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