Chalk Paint Jewelry Box: Dorm DIY

   I am getting so excited for college, and with it now being officially my summer break (!!!) I am completely devoted to dorm shopping, college planning, and cute DIY projects for next year! My first project was to re-do this jewelry box that my grandparents got for me a long time ago. It’s in great shape, but I wanted to update the paint and make it match my dorm better.
 Original Box

    First, I painted the whole box with “Old White” chalk paint. I wanted a cream color, and this was perfect. I should have sanded down some of the old paint that was thick in places, because it took several coats to cover and isn’t completely smooth. I did three coats. I would add in that you can sand away the corners or anywhere you want to distress, but I did not because my box was not only originally painted white, but made of white wood, so sanding it would only reveal white.
     To do the little knobs, I wanted to do an ombre effect, so I mixed blue acrylic paint with white in different amounts to get my colors, and then it only took two coats to cover the knobs.

    Finally, I distressed it with a dark wood stain and then covered it in finishing wax. For the stain, I used fabric scraps, dipped them in, and rubbed them around the edges of the box and drawers. After it dried, I dipped more fabric in the wax and covered it.

   This is the same process that my mom and I went through when we painted my vanity: check it out here.
   I am planning on doing this whole process one more time and re-doing a mirror, so keep an eye out for that. Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you try this out!

Heather Lauren

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