Summer 2014 Bucket List

Yes I am wearing a bandeau.
Summer 2014 Bucket List:
1. Go to the zoo with friends
2. Go late night bowling with friends
3. Road trip- even just for the day!
4. Picnic
5. Berry Picking // make muffins
6. Late nights at the pool [July 1]
7. Dorm Shopping!
8. Toe Ring
9. Swimming
10. Ice cream cones
11. Sunset on the Natchez Trace Bridge
12. Fireflies
13. Roller Skate
14. Kite
15. Make salsa // (its going to be a crazy summer. #2turnt4u
16. Early Morning Farmers Market
17. Chalk
18. Cookout // can any of my friends grill??
19. Girl’s Brunch 2.0
20. Girl’s clothes swap sleepover!
21. Time Capsule // Where do we bury it??
22. Riding Lessons
23. Go see Brownland Shows
24. Jelly Bean Challenge
25. Live on the Green!
That is my actual bucket list from the notes on my phone. I think I can actually make these happen. I just need some friends. If you’ve done a bucket list post, link it for me. I love reading them! Is there anything I’m missing out on??
Heather Lauren

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