My favorite workout videos

I love follow-along workout videos that guide me as I go. These are some of my favorites that I love to use when I want a strengthening/ toning workout. Enjoy the burn!

Full Body // Cardio:
1. Tone it up HIIT: This is a 20 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) video that I love. I’ve only done it a few times, but it made me sore for four days! It feels easy because it’s only twenty seconds at a time of working out with lots of short breaks. I love this one because you get to do lots of different things, and it’s also really encouraging because I can actually do all the moves!

1. Tone it up summer arms: I did this one today and I love it because it is so easy and quick. You do all three circuits in the six minute video- short and insanely effective! This one gets your shoulders and biceps really well.
2. Love your Arms & Abs: Not only arms, but also abs! She makes it look so easy! I like this one for when I want an effective, quick workout.
3. Fine Toning Arm Routine: Difficult but short! Works all of your arm muscles really well.

Booty // Abs:
1. TIU Bikini Booty: This one has tons of unique moves and enough variety to keep it interesting. I just use a regular dumbbell for this one.
2. At home abs: Super easy and quick to do at home, but really challenging. I still can’t do the whole video all together! I usually (try to!) do this twice through.

If you have other videos you swear by, let me know what they are! I would love to try new ones.
Heather Lauren

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